Saturday, April 5, 2008

13 million members!

My favorite part of General Conference has always been the Church Statistical Report presented at each Saturday afternoon session of April General Conference. So unfortunately, I'm also a little let down in October when there is no Statistical Report.

Here is the report for this year (as of Dec 31, 2007):
stakes in the church: 2,790
missions: 348
districts: 618
wards/branches: 27,827

membership: 13,193,999
children of record born in 2007: 93,698*
convert baptisms: 279,218

missionaries: 52,686
dedicated temples: 124
One temple was rededicated in the year of 2007. No new temples were dedicated.

When I joined the church in 2001, there were 11 million members and I was so excited at the 2002 April Conference to know that I was counted in the number of convert baptisms and also the membership of the church. In 6 years, there have been over 2 million new members. I was also excited to hear in 2004 that another million had been added to the rolls, as this means that there have been many others who have come to have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ like I did.

*Willem is included in this number as he was born in 2007. He and the other 29 babies born into my ward in the last year.

And once again, I'll report that Wikipedia was updated before the end of the conference session where the report was given.

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