Monday, July 20, 2009

Study Notes- Covenants

I have thrown myself back into a study of the gospel. I'm now turning my studies into topical research that I hope will illuminate my study of the scriptures so when I go back to read them, I can have an increased understanding from a more scholarly point of view. Its an experiment on my part to see if I can be more engaged in spiritual study.

My newest resource is a dosier of documents compiled by my husband's mission president. I have begun reading through it and find that I want an electronic place to keep notes, especially lists of references of which I would like to obtain and read more.

In an article about covenants and their place in religion throughout history, I want to read the books: Temple and Cosmos by Hugh Nibley, Sinai and Zion by Jon Levenson and The Sacred and Profane by Mircea Eliade. Of course they are not available through my local library system. Maybe I will have to get over my desire to be cheap and actually invest money and not just time to my studies...

I will tag this and other posts about my notes as "notes" and maybe keep track of them that way.

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