Monday, June 11, 2012

What have I missed?

I realized that I have not posted about a number of fun, exciting and uplifting things I've had the pleasure and honor to participate in the past months.

Mormon Moon Circle
Each month on the new moon, a group of feminist Mormon Goddess lovers have been getting together to fellowship and share in a prayer circle. It was inspired by a group of friends of mine who wanted to create a community to share women's spiritual experiences relating to nature and the feminine divine. We call it Mormon Moon Circle and invite anyone who cares to join us. The group has been growing slowly and its been so lovely to find other maidens of Heavenly Mother who share our inclinations.

Daughters of Mormonism
I had the pleasure of participating in the podcast series called Daughters of Mormonism as a panelist. I was interviewed and invited to tell my story in a two part episode. Then I participated in a couple of panel discussions on topics that I am familiar with. I participated in the discussion on depression and a discussion on pagan interpretations of the Mormon temple garments and Godhead. Sadly, the podcast ended and will not be producing new episodes going forward. The gates however have been opened for independent podcasts produced by Mormon women and I anticipate that there will be others that come into existence. I also anticipate that I will participate where I can.

Likely the biggest accomplishment of this last year for me (aside from the new life I birthed into this world) was my first publication in print!  The Motherhood issue was published with my article on the history of midwifery in the LDS church. I absolutely adore the issue because of the cover art that was commissioned for it. Its a homage to the relief of God reaching towards Adam in the Sistine Chapel, but instead of Adam and God, the cover depicts Eve and the Goddess. I loved it so much that I bought the t-shirt and a print to hang on my wall.

Service Mission
In my role as Women's Service Mission Director with LDS WAVE, I blogged about a novel idea that I had to address the needs of the poor and the needy in the United States. I was inspired by online charity programs and projects and posted a proposal that I couldn't shake from my head. It seemed worth pursuing and at the encouragement of a friend, I scheduled a visit with my Sentator's office staff. I was encouraged by the staffer I met with to continue pursuing the idea and will be working over the next few months to network with the right people to see about how it might be implemented on a federal level.

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