Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Ponderings on Heavenly Mother

It is well known in Christianity that the dove is a symbol for the Holy Ghost, or so it is typically portrayed. Today, however; I came across a different explanation--one that fits in with my recent pondering regarding the Divine Feminine/Heavenly Mother.

I should probably, then state what I have recently speculated regarding Heavenly Mother. I recently remembered being taught that the name for God given in the Old Testament and Doctrine Covenant, when translated from Hewbrew, implies that God is not singular, but plural (Source: http://eom.byu.edu/index.php/Elohim). It became strikingly clear that the plural in Elohim might be referring to Heavenly Mother.

After listening to the Sunstone presentation summarized here, I couldn't help but begin to believe that when we are praying to Elohim, whom we are, though we may be using more culturally relevant terms, we may actually be praying to our Mother in Heaven. When President Hinckley was asked about LDS beliefs about Heavenly Mother, he was clear to stare that we do not and should not pray to her (to the exclusion of Father in Heaven). Perhaps, given the understanding of Gods as plural, we may be able to achieve what some feel is lost through the current teachings relating to Heavenly Mother.

With that in mind, then I was struck when I learned today that in Celtic symbolism, the dove is a strong symbol of motherhood. What then, if the allusion to the dove descending over Christ upon his baptism is not just "the Spirit like a dove" but also an indication of Heavenly Mother witnessing and approving of his holy act?

I believe I recall learning that some speculate that perhaps the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of our Heavenly Mother but that does not seem to be logical given the teachings that the Holy Spirit is not embodied, but to be the equal of God the Father, Mother in Heaven would have a resurrected body like the Father and Christ. I do not know if my thoughts are true doctrine or not, yet neither do I feel the Spirit discouraging me from seeking to understand. I feel as if now I am on a quest for the hidden knowledge and mysteries referred to in the gospel and that through my open-minded learning, I am gaining insight into what may someday be revealed more publicly. As for why revelations have not been forthcoming on the topic of Heavenly Mother and other aspects of doctrine, I have theories on that and will maybe soon get to a post about that.

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